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The Physical Environment Of The Classroom - 1869 Words

The physical environment of the classroom As I walked into the classroom, I noticed many visuals, hands on materials, child size tables and chairs. The visuals around the classroom were pictures/ descriptions that can help the children identify things around the room. For example: centers, a word wall that consisted of sight words that they have learned in the past and words that are being added, shapes and colors, a calendar, classroom rules, and a sign language chart so that the children can learn his or her alphabets in sign language. In addition, the children’s authentic artwork were posted on the art board. For a large group of 15 children, the classroom space was very limited. In this specific classroom, the ratio was 2:15 (1 teacher, 1 aide and 15 children) and this classroom isn’t shared with another class. The classroom has two long tables with six chairs per table: six red chairs and six blue chairs. The cooperating teacher explained that she has a red table and blue table because she wanted to separa te specific friends due to behavioral issues. For circle time, the teacher has a rocking chair right in front of the circle time mat and everything on the circle time board is to the children’s eye level and child size. The circle time rug is big enough so that the children have space and they can see and hear the teacher. So far from what I have observed, the children have access to books, crayons, markers, writing utensils such as pencils, and journals. The learningShow MoreRelatedCreating A Physical Environment Of Classroom1114 Words   |  5 Pagesspecific rules for responding to ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity in the classroom. Furthermore, making your classroom inviting and comfortable to help with ideas and resources will benefit student success appropriately. Perhaps the usual value is to be thoughtful and sensitive. Creating a physical environment of classroom also reflect expectation of student, if students are perceived to be lacking, the education environment may reflect as plain. If students are perceived as intelligent and motivatedRead MoreClassroom Organization Focuses On The Physical Environment Of The Classroom971 Words   |  4 PagesClassroom organization focuses on the physical environment of the classroom. Effective teachers understand that organizing a safe classroom environment is essential for optimizing student learning and reducing distractions. For example, if student desks are arranged in a way that makes it difficult for the teacher to circulate the room, student behavior is likely to be less responsible than when the teacher can easily reach every student. Aspects of the of a classroom’s physical arrangement thatRead MoreStudents With Disabilities Of Physical Education1705 Words   |  7 Pages Students with Disabilities in Physical Education Megan R. Johnson Lincoln Memorial University â€Æ' Students with Disabilities in Physical Education More and more students with disabilities are being taught in the public school system today than in the past ten or so years. This gives the students the opportunity to learn and prosper in their least restrictive environment along with their peers. Many educators, as well as those in physical education, are learning how to implement and incorporateRead MoreEducational Spaces : Not Only Transmitted Through People804 Words   |  4 Pagesthe target, such as elevated self esteem (Major, Kaiser, McCoy, 2003). Nonetheless, placing objects that cued a safe environment for women (such an equality award) boosted performance for all women, regardless of their RS scores. (Mendoza-Denton, ShawTaylor, Chen, Chang, 2009). In another study, male and female students gave a speech to an audience in a virtual-reality classroom that either had pictures of male politicians (i.e., Bill Clinton), female politicians (i.e., Hillary Clinton or AngelaRead MoreThe Benefits Of Teaching Children With ASD 877 Words   |  4 Pagesincoming sensory stimulation, the physically structured environment should offer an environmental organization for the children with ASD. Therefore, having a proper physical and environmental support results in a higher level of success when teaching children with ASDs. From the video, the furniture arrangement consists of clear physical and visual boundaries. These are essential in aiding the children to comprehend where each area of the classroom begins and where it ends. Besides, such a clear arrangementRead MoreTeaching Students With Orthopedic And Physical Disabilities1258 Words   |  6 PagesTeaching students with orthopedic and physical disabilities can present an imposing challenge for teachers; even more so when these students are to be incorporated into a regular education class. Fortunately, there are strategies that have proven successful in integrating these students and providing them with an education that will help them achieve their pote ntial. The IDEA defines orthopedic impairment/physical disability as: â€Å"a severe orthopedic impairment that adversely affects a child s educationalRead MorePromoting Harmony Reflection Paper1124 Words   |  5 PagesPromoting Harmony Reflection Perhaps the hardest part about being a middle school teacher is teaching young adolescents who are dealing with physical, emotional, intellectual, and social changes. Young adolescents may not be as focused on learning in the classroom as elementary school students because they have more going on with their bodies and their mind. It is up to the teacher to acknowledge the changes their students are undergoing and to try to guide them when they can. As a future middleRead MoreIt s Important For Educator For Foster Diversity Education And Create Inclusive Classroom1139 Words   |  5 PagesVenassa Simpson October 27, 2015 It’s important for educator to foster diversity education and create inclusive classroom that honor the multiplicity of identities and knowledge different students bring into classroom. Students and faculty in schools today are becoming increasingly diverse in their backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the diversity observed in our broader society. The center for teaching is committed to supporting diversity mostly as it meets with the wide range of teachingRead MoreConducive Classroom1580 Words   |  7 Pagesobjective in the classroom, and rightly so.   It would make sense then to seek guidance from teachers who have had great success with their students.  Students are unable to learn in a haphazard environment, thus students will not be able to achieve their full potential.  Students simply cannot learn to the best of their ability in a chaotic environment.  Classroom management is an integral part of student achievement even being possible. Not every student is learning in the classroom. Numerous distractionsRead MoreHow the Environment Affects Students’ Learning Essay1281 Words   |  6 PagesHow the Environment Affects Students’ Learning By: Jessica Robinson REED 504: Processes and Acquisition of Reading Skills Professor Curbeam-Newby Recently there has been more thought put into how vital a students’ environment is as it relates to their academic success. Both community environment and physical learning environment in schools have a great deal of influence on how the students learn, handle certain situations, perceive things, and overall just how their brain processes

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