Friday, November 22, 2019

CASE STUDY # 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

# 1 - Case Study Example However, some children may accurately develop these abilities but still have symptoms of language disorder. The speech disorders without known causes are usually referred to developmental language disorder. Nonetheless, numerous agents including brain injury, developmental problems, hearing loss, autistic spectrum disorder, and learning disabilities, may cause the language disorder in children (The New York Times 01). Notably, each agent has its unique symptoms, system of diagnosis, and treatment. Cori Williams, the national president announced during the Federal Lections of the year 2007 lobbied a national campaign against speech disorder among children. William wanted the speech pathology to be discussed extensively and sufficiently so that the government could adopt the Speech Pathology as an Australia’s policy (Speech Pathology Australia 01). The main areas that this public policy aimed at addressing included the functions of the speech pathology services to children with speech and language disorders. William also wanted the improved access of pathology services to children in remote areas. Finally, it lobby called for extended pathology services within the Medicare Allied Health Initiative (Speech Pathology Australia 01). There numerous exams and tests that are often conducted in children to determine the type of speech disorder they might be suffering. In some cases, a speech disorder in a child may be traced from the medical history of the child’s family (Simms 432). In such a case, it may be revealed that the child’s close relative might have suffered speech and language problems. Moreover, a child who might be suspected to be suffering from language or speech disorder can be taken for standardized expressive and receptive language tests. During this test, a language and speech neuropsychologist or therapist will be able to determine the same. Additionally,

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