Tuesday, November 26, 2019

French Expression Etre Dans Son Assiette - French Plate

French Expression Etre Dans Son Assiette - French Plate Lets start with a mistake you hear all the time: be careful to not say une assiette (a plate) instead of un sià ¨ge (a seat). Students get confused because the verb for to seat is sasseoir, so they think une assiette is related. Hence the mistake. A Plate Une Assiette We have different kind of plates used for different courses: Les Assiettes Plates (Flat): une petite assiette (une assiette fromage, une assiette dessert par exemple) - smaller plate used for cheese or dessert for example.une grande assiette (une assiette entremet) - a bigger plate, used for the main course.une assiette pain - a very small plate for the breadNote that a very small plate to put under a cup is called une soucoupe.   Les Assiettes Creuses (Deeper Plate) une assiette soupe: soup plate Les Plats (Serving Dishes) There are too many to list: des plats creux (deeper), des plats plats (yes, flat serving dish), and we often sort them by their shape or use : un plat rond, oval, carrà © (round, oval, square...), un plat poisson (for the fish), un plat tarte (pie)... un plat pour le four (for the oven). Ne Pas Être Dans Son Assiette   This weird idiom means to not feel/look well, to feel/look depressed.   Et bien, Camille, à §a va ? Tu es sure ? Tu nas pas lair dans ton assiette.Well, Camille, are you OK? Are you sure? You dont look well. And it has nothing to do with a plate! Actually, it does come from sasseoir, and has to do with the position one is sitting: Lassiette. Its an old French word, that nowadays is only used for horseback riding. We say: un bon cavalier a une bonne assiette. (a good rider has a good sitting position). Otherwise, the French word une assiette is used for a plate, thats all. Note that for the idiom ne pas à ªtre dans son assiette will always be used in the negative, and the possessive adjective will change to agree with the person you are talking about. Regarde Pierre : il na pas lair dans son assiette.Look at Pierre: he doesnt look well.

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