Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Reading Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Assignment - Essay Example The case of California Marinas illustrates that global warming has other ill effects to the environment and that it has economic consequence not only in terms of loss of lives and properties but also on the income foregone when it ruins the basis of basis which in this case, drying waters in the Marina dock which turns potential customers away. Drying the waters due to dry spell also has other consequences that harm business. It also threatens our food security such as in the case of Castro Valley in California where the agriculture sector also suffered from the dry spell. Time will come that if we will not change our ways to begin taking care of our environment, storms will not only become stronger but will also ruin our business and destroy our crops that we will no longer have source of income nor food to eat. Since the inception of the Drought Monitor in 2000, the entire state of California has recently experienced the three worst stages of drought. This level of drought is the highest stage affecting entire state California. It used to be unthinkable but it is happening now. Unlike in Castro Valley where the drought dried up the waters of its Marina dock turning customers away and in some areas harming its agriculture, the experience of San Diego and San Clemente are more deadly. These areas experienced seven wildfires where raze of fire was so huge that their smoke plumes can be seen by satellite and radar. These wild fires are caused by hot, dry conditions where the dry vegetation acts like a fuel for the fires. Coupled with gusty winds, these wildfires can spread the fire to other areas that could kill people and destroy properties. The destructive effective of global warming are taking its toll in many unusual ways. It no longer manifests in terms of storms and hurricanes, but also in rising seas. In many areas, it causes long droughts that cause water basins to dry up harming people’s livelihood. It also threatens our food security

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